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Is COVID-19 Part of Your Current Messaging?

By October 6, 2020October 13th, 2020No Comments

I’ve been busy lately, helping clients to craft COVID-19 related messages that also showcase their core brand values. Here are some great tips from PR News to help you prepare your COVID communications:

  • Have a variety of materials prepared – with versions for different target audiences- covering everything from service and product delivery changes,  event cancellations and even staff changes. Recognize that audiences are concerned and unsettled by using language that is compassionate and empathetic.
  • If needed, share accurate data from the CDC or other trusted health experts – and avoid drawing your own conclusions about what is safest, healthiest, etc. It’s best to do this by sharing links to expert opinions and not going into lengthy detail by restating public health recommendations.
  • Consider your customer’ needs. What are the key things they want/need to know during this unprecedented time
  • Don’t forget your employees. Employees are your key brand ambassadors so keeping them informed and empowered, particularly during an uncertain time is paramount. Explain using the proper amount of detail what your company is doing to keep employees safe. Are there information resources they can access? Also, if company policies and procedures around working from home or protocol for reporting illness and sick time have changed, provide ample notice on your intranet and also send email notifications.Is COVID-19 part of your current messaging?
Julie Livingston

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