LinkedIn Strategy

Elevate Your Brand on the #1 Business Networking Platform

Are Your Leaders Actively Promoting Their Thought Leadership on LinkedIn?

If not, then you’re missing a major marketing opportunity to get in front of key targets and secure your industry leadership position.

Imagine walking into a room of business associates and hearing them gush,
“I’ve been seeing you all over LinkedIn! You’re posting excellent, value-based content… and we should talk about new business.”

That’s the response my clients are getting about the LinkedIn strategy and content I’ve developed. Elevate your brand on LinkedIn and:

  • Reinforce your company’s industry authority and competitive advantage
  • Strike and reignite relationships with valuable business connections, including potential clients, strategic partners and investors
  • Attract new talent during The Great Resignation by telling your company culture story
  • Draw the attention of leading journalists scouting for sources and subject matter experts
  • Be sought after for top tier speaking opportunities as a subject matter expert

As a PR and LinkedIn Marketing pro who’s placed clients in major media outlets, I’m a creative brand storyteller. I’ll build out your LinkedIn content strategy to dovetail with key business objectives and produce exciting, targeted content reflective of your authentic voice and builds community.

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How does the LinkedIn Strategy package work?

Each confidential 1 hour session is focused on what you need NOW.  At the end of the session, I’ll send you a Zoom recording as well as a “next steps” plan to help you move forward.

Who will benefit most from a LinkedIn Strategy Session? 

  • CEO
  • CMO
  • VP Marketing Communications
  • PR Director
  • Executive Director

What kinds of situations can I help best with?

  • A breaking news story is something your CEO wants to comment on publicly
  • A senior company executive has been accused of corporate misconduct
  • You’ve been asked to raise the visibility of your CEO but aren’t sure how
  • A major product recall could have damaging effects on your company’s reputation and bottom line
  • An employee has been accused of sexual harassment 
  • A social media crisis is escalating fast and you need to act quickly
  • You’re feeling indecisive how to address a developing situation 

You’ll finish the LinkedIn Strategy session with confidence and an immediate plan of action.

“Julie is a fantastic person to work with. She is great at strategy, superb at implementation and a real team player too. She really understands how the media works and how to represent a brand or organization to its audiences - with skill and charm. I would not hesitate to recommend her - any organization that gets the chance to draw on her experience and expertise is lucky indeed.”

Louise Findlay-WilsonFounder of award-winning public relations firm, Energy PR

Book Your LinkedIn Strategy Session now

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As part of your booking, I’ll ask you a few initial questions to get the ball rolling which will help me to prepare and will ensure that we get the most out of our power hour together.

During our Zoom meeting, we’ll have a conversation about your current needs, concerns and challenges. I’ll share my ideas and make some on-the-spot recommendations.

After our meeting, I’ll share the Zoom recording for your reference, and I’ll provide a customized action plan (includes situational review and analysis)  as well as links to any additional reference or reading materials.

I’ll continue to be available for unlimited email counsel for 2 weeks after the LinkedIn Strategy session. 

Need PR counsel going forward? Multiple LinkedIn Strategy package rates are available. 

You won’t have to worry about that unnerving moment, just after you come off a strategy call, when you realize you didn’t ask a crucial question. Or, in a fast-moving situation, you’ll be able to continue to get updated advice from me, as things continue to change.

This way, you’ll be able to message me – your LinkedIn Strategy – as you need assistance. Any time you start to feel stuck, you have a route to overcoming your overwhelm, with support, guidance and accountability available to you every day.

You get a thought-partner, and with my responses coming within one business day, you’ll never be left hanging, waiting for an answer to a question or a suggestion for your next move.

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