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PR Tip Sheet – September 2023

By September 1, 2023No Comments

How To Start Developing Your Thought Leadership – 3 Ways To Do It

Content still reigns supreme and continues to be the best way to deepen brand awareness, amplify your thought leadership, and promote your unique sales proposition.

With the proliferation of podcasts in numerous formats, including LinkedIn live broadcasts, LinkedIn audio, and traditional podcasts which can be audio only or audio and video, you can literally pick and choose the best fit for your speaking style and on-camera comfort level. In my world, I encourage clients to create their own content, as well as boost thought leadership by guesting on podcasts.

Drill Down On Key Brand Messages

When I work with clients to develop their key messages in preparation for a media interview, I start booking them on podcasts and radio shows. Why? I find that these platforms provide a unique opportunity to test out and fine tune key messages. As a guest, you are working within a compressed timetable that forces you to articulate succinctly. It’s an excellent practice ground – the more podcast and radio interviews you do, the easier it gets. Your messages become second nature and come across more authentically.

Pick Your Niche

Although you may have aspirations to get booked on popular podcasts like How I Built This or Duct Tape Marketing, the more niche oriented podcasts can actually serve you well. I say this because the smaller, more niche shows are easier to book, tend to give you more airtime, and enable you to reach a more specific audience.

Secure Podcast Bookings

There are tens of thousands of podcasts out there, which can feel overwhelming when you’re looking to be a guest.  In booking myself on podcasts as a subject matter expert, I’ve leaned on services like Podmatch. After filling out a profile form, the service acts like a matchmaker with podcasts from around the globe. Read the guest profiles carefully so you can pitch yourself in a way that aligns with their needs.

Have the Right Equipment

Position yourself as a great podcast guest by having a professional microphone and record in a quiet environment.

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Julie Livingston is president/founder of WantLeverage Communications

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