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Employees Are The Most Believable Brand Ambassadors

By November 10, 2020No Comments
Companies seeking credible brand ambassadors to spread the word about their products and services need look no further than their own employees.

The new Red Havas’ Meaningful Brands survey found 84% of people think brands should communicate honestly about commitments and promises – but only 38% think businesses actually do. So tapping into one’s employees as grassroots ambassadors for their personal insights and commentary can add tremendous value.

Starbucks has created dedicated social channels for its employees- aka “partners.” Employees are encouraged to share their experiences, passions and use of the hashtag #tobeapartner.

Thinking of engaging your employees to spread your brand message?

Here are 3 benefits:

????‍♀️With their unique, insider’s perspective, employees are a natural conduit for brand news and information

????‍♂️Content shared by employees (EGC or Employee Generated Content) receives 8X more engagement vs. content shared through branded channels

????‍♀️Employee posts get re-shared up to 24X more vs. branded posts

????‍♂️92% of consumers turn to people they know/trust for referrals before buying

Have your employees served as brand ambassadors?

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