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Drones will change public relations
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What’s Next In 2018: Drones Will Continue to Change Journalism and Public Relations

What’s Next In 2018: Drones Will Continue to Change Journalism and Public Relations

I’m proud to be an alum of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where I received my Masters in Communications Management in 2010. Although Public relations is a relatively young field, with new and emerging technology, it continues to evolve and change. The latest Newhouse Network magazine includes compelling industry updates which I thought we’d share here. The relevancy of these platforms will no doubt rise as we get into 2018. Following is part 1 of a two-part update.

Still in its infancy, increasingly, drone journalism is being used to capture news events in a way which simulates a witness-like experience for viewers. The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) annual Aerospace Forecast report predicted that the number of hobbyist and commercial drones would rise from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million by 2020.The Skyworks Project (incubated in Newhouse’s Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation)  works on building, designing and researching drone technology, as well as drone photography and videography in journalism and PR.

Every journalist and publicist now has the opportunity to cover events with flying cameras that provide a bird’s eye view, which is extraordinary,” says Dan Pacheo, the Peter A. Horvitz Endowed Chair in Journalism Innovation, who first started teaching about using drones in journalism in 2012.  “When we combine drones with 360 video cameras and virtual reality viewers…we can give viewers the sensation that they’re actually in the drones as events unfold before them.” The ability to capture such images, video and content will no doubt increase the ability to produce vivid storytelling and capture visuals that would have been previously impossible because drones can reach places that humans cannot.

Both journalists and publicists who opt to use drones will need to follow rules and guidelines about safe operations, not to mention privacy and ethical issues, especially in a breaking news environment. We’ll continue to cover the Skyworks Project as well as updates in drone journalism and PR.


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