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What Is Your Company Doing Of Late That’s Newsworthy?

What Is Your Company Doing Of Late That’s Newsworthy?

Does your company have “tunnel vision” when it comes to pushing out news to the media?

Is the thinking that every morsel of company news will be of interest to the media?

This quote from Farnam Street explains how that happens when we are so immersed in our own stuff.

“The risk of becoming too steeped in any one framework is you start to be “subject” to that framework, you can only look through its lens, not at the lens.”

There are 5 things that make news really newsworthy:
☑️Timing. The word news means exactly that – things which are new
☑️Human Interest

So how do you discern what what might of real interest to the media? Here are things reporters are looking for now:

☑️Overcoming Adversity: Journalists are interested in how executives and companies have addressed current challenges such as a merger, IPO,

☑️Rising Up: Stories of how your company has risen from the bottom to the top of your industry – the good, the bad and the ugly

☑️New Inventions: Stories of how your company has invented or reinvented something, or how you are using technology that will change the industry in some way

☑️Racial Inequity: Stories of how your company is taking a hard look at racial justice and making significant changes. You’d need to be willing to share the “Before” and “After” scenarios

☑️WFH: Has your company gotten through the pandemic in a creative way?

What is your company doing of late that’s newsworthy?

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