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Brands are increasingly showing their social media persona
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Social Marketing: The Fine Line Between Annoying and Cool

Social Marketing: The Fine Line Between Annoying and Cool


The importance of social marketing for brands can not be underestimated. Some companies have recently taken to Twitter to show a unique side of their social media persona. By deepening audience engagement and posing unique interactive content, brands are stepping out of the box—and reaping the rewards of increased loyalty and affinity attention. Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Old Spice come to mind. But aside from increased Twitter impressions, what impact does this kind of sass have on their overall brand perception and, most importantly, customer relationships?

A new study reveals that customers value service over attitude.  Only a third of customers appreciate a snarky brand personality, while 80% of customers prefer brands that are both friendly and helpful. Further, 88 percent of consumers get annoyed when brands poke fun of followers, and 67 percent feel the same way about brands making fun of competitors.

The following graph delves into what other personality traits and behaviors consumers are actually looking for from brands and what will turn them away completely.

The limelight most often falls on well-known brands with big social personalities, but what about smaller companies? While 75% of consumers believe there’s value in brands exhibiting humor on social, only 36% are willing to purchase from brands they believe are funny. Further, the place that companies are choosing to create its social media personality is just as crucial as what that personality is. Across all age groups, 83% of consumers are eager to see the key characteristics of a brand’s personality come to life on Facebook, where brands have the greatest ability to mix content formats and target appropriate audiences.

There is a fine line  brands walk between annoying and cool. In order to to be effective companies need to understand their brand, its voice and what it stands for. They should only join the conversations that are relevant and avoid the ones that aren’t. Speaking to one’s audience the way the audience speaks to them, and providing customers with content they’re looking for—not what the brand wants them to be looking for is the sensible way to go.

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