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PR Tip Sheet – February 2023

By February 7, 2023No Comments

LinkedIn New Features 2023
Here are 6 new LinkedIn features to help enhance your LinkedIn profile in 2023.

6 New Features To Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile + 2 Bonus Tips
LinkedIn is constantly introducing new features – which often go unnoticed – that can help to increase your executive presence and engagement on the platform. While I’m not suggesting that you try all of these new features (some have not yet been rolled out nationally) they are definitely worth experimenting with.  As LinkedIn is looking to build app users, note that some features are only accessible using the smartphone app.

1. Website Link in Profile
Optimizing the top portion of your profile – the text box at the top of your profile – is prime real estate because it gets the most attention. You can now add a website link – which provides viewers with a quick and easy way to learn more about you even if they read no further.

2. Post Scheduler
Writing posts in advance powers you up to maintain momentum on LinkedIn. iPhone IOs users are now able to schedule their LinkedIn posts. This feature is also being rolled out for Company pages.

3. Analytics & Tools Page
Tracking LinkedIn results, including who’s viewing your posts (such as corporate titles), as well as content performance and engagement, allows you to spot content trends, and make new connections.

4. Company Page Follows
In addition to being able to follow companies from personal pages, you can now follow other organizations from your company page. This action can indicate support for both vendors and partners.

5. Automatic Video Captions
If you’re like me, you’re posting more video content on the platform. Now, LinkedIn will automatically add video captions once you switch on the toggle button, either on desktop or smartphone. Note that there is sometimes a delay, and it may take a little time for the captions to appear.

6. Audio Events
Similar to podcasts, LinkedIn has a new audio event feature where you can record directly onto the platform from anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about a video set up. The feature is also activated on company pages.

Not New But Worth Checking Out

1. Name Pronunciation (Access from LinkedIn App)
When people can hear your voice and see you talking, it provides a window into your personality. Use the LinkedIn Name Pronunciation feature to record a 15 second message that encapsulates what you do. Mine is, “I’m Julie Livingston; I’m a Public Relations pro and LinkedIn marketing expert. I help senior leaders stand out, be seen and heard.”

2. Cover Story Video (Access from LinkedIn App)
Posting a short video to tell your story has great appeal. LinkedIn cover story videos reside in the same area as your LinkedIn cover photo but are only fully visible once someone clicks on the static profile image. The video is denoted by a blue circle around the photo.

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Julie Livingston is president/founder of WantLeverage Communications

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