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LinkedIn Live for Business – Tips for a Successful Event

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LinkedIn Live for Business – Tips for a Successful Event

The power of LinkedIn as a brand and business building tool is undeniable. If you’re in Creator Mode on the platform, you have a bevy of creative content marketing tools to choose from and experiment with. I just started a LinkedIn Live broadcast entitled Julie’s PR Patter, which is all about public relations and marketing. A client, the CEO of a management consulting firm, does a Live every week where she interviews other leaders on company culture. The platform recently introduced an audio event feature which is a compelling way to share original branded content. I’ll talk about that in an upcoming PR Tips sheet.

Why Use LinkedIn Live for Your Business?

LinkedIn video posts generate 3x the engagement of regular text posts. And according to the platform, LinkedIn Live streams garner 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than regular video (Hootsuite).

Leveraging LinkedIn Live

As with all content, the effectiveness of using LinkedIn Live hinges on a good game plan.

Here are some tips for a successful LinkedIn Live event:

1. Target Viewers
Whose attention do you want to capture?  CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, VP of Purchasing, CFOs? What do they want to know about what you can offer? Industry insights, new technology, legal matters? If you’re stuck, think about your typical LinkedIn posts – are there things that people consistently comment on or ask you about?

2. Determine Your Niche
Get granular with your focus then plan out topics which position you as a leader in it. Talk about industry developments, newly passed legislation, sourcing, quality control, etc.

3. Develop a Catchy Name
Pick a name for your broadcast, a strategy, and overarching content theme so that viewers know just what to expect, such as leadership, culture, women at work, health and wellness, mental health, etc.

4. Commit to a Regular Broadcast Schedule
If you’re doing a series, set a schedule, i.e., every Tuesday at 9am ET. The broadcast should be anywhere from a minimum of 10 minutes to 30 minutes (it can be longer, too).

5. Consider Branding
Create a colorful graphic identity for the broadcast to drive awareness and excitement for it. Don’t be afraid to get whimsical and artsy with it. Also design a customizable promotional slide that can be updated for each broadcast with the following information: topic, guest, and date and time with time zone so people can tune in from event 20 – 30 minutes in advance and ask your guests to do the same.

6. Choose a Streaming Platform
Pick a platform from where to stream your LinkedIn Live videos and connect it to your LinkedIn account. I opt for Streamyard which allows you to simultaneously broadcast to other social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook which helps to drive impressions.

7. Check Your Internet Speed
Ideally you should have an upload speed above 10 mbps.

8. Set up a Video Studio
Whether you’re broadcasting from the corner of your bedroom like me or from a traditional office space, make sure you have decent lighting (consider getting a Ring Light), professional microphone and camera. I had an inexpensive 12X12 canvas sign made with my logo from a local Walgreens which I position over my left shoulder to give it a branded look.

9. Be Sure to Prep
Do a tech run through with your guests, as well as develop an outline to follow for the stream. Practice so that you feel comfortable with the topic.

10. Track Results
Measure success to track what did and didn’t work to enhance future videos.

11. Leverage Your Live to Give It More Play
After the Live event, feature it on the top of your LinkedIn profile to give it more “play” and repurpose the video by sharing it in blogs, articles and social media posts, especially YouTube.

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