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PR Tip Sheet – September 2022

By August 29, 2022January 9th, 2023No Comments

Tell Your Own Brand Story – Tips on How to Create News and Share It

The life of a public relations professional can be similar to that of an archeologist.

We’re always digging for a news hook that will grab the attention of a journalist or target audience, one that makes important brand connections. With today’s 24/7 newscycle, and with so much media “noise” out there, it’s become harder to get traction. While I’m proactively pitching the media, one of the important ways I help clients to stand out is by CREATING their own news and leveraging the power of social media to broadcast it.

Social media has provided a 24/7 platform from which to share news and information. You now have the power to tell your own brand story, in your own words. Simply think of your company as a news outlet – you are the journalist. What types of non-promotional content can you produce that your target audiences will find informative and engaging? How can you create compelling content that people will seek out – what will they follow and subscribe to?

Social Media

Here are some ideas of the types of news content you can share on your social media channels:

  • Blogs (video and written): an easy way to share thought leadership and opinions in bite size pieces
  • Infographics: a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data
  • Memes: a comical image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users
  • Videos: a great way to visually generate interest
  • Press Releases: depending on the news, these can be posted on your website newsroom, distributed via a newswire service, or sent directly to journalists who cover your industry sector

Business Talk Show

Consider creating your own news talk show where an executive interviews company insiders and outside experts. I’ve been heavily into LinkedIn Live these days and two of my clients have a regularly scheduled broadcast designed like a talk show where they converse with internal team members and outside experts on topics they want to be known for, such as company culture and innovation. This is a wonderful way to humanize the brand and showcase an executive’s personality.


Create a poll on Twitter or Linkedin and use the findings as fodder for company news.

Where to Hunt for News

Where can you get ideas for your content? I like to conduct competitive research to see what types of topics are resonating with the target audience. I look at my competitors’ websites and social media channels, as well as track their links and sign up for their newsletters. I also do searches on LinkedIn and Twitter for relevant hashtags to see what’s trending. My goal is to get a pulse on pain points, existing solutions, and discussions of interest – then see how I can stand out from the rest in what I share.

I also track trending topics through platforms such as LinkedIn News and LinkedIn Pulse, and react quickly to emerging trends.

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