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PR Tip Sheet – January 2023

By January 9, 2023No Comments

Marketing Tips for LinkedIn
Here are 7 marketing tips to elevate your brand and executive presence on LinkedIn.

PR and Marketing Tips to Kick Off 2023
As we kick off a new year, you may be planning and/or fine tuning your public relations and LinkedIn marketing plans. Although the economy remains iffy, I encourage you to keep your marketing and PR budget intact. Research shows that companies who maintain a steady brand presence during uncertain times, invest in new platforms, and engage with loyal customers will actually come out ahead. Take the time to review what is working and where improvements may lie – you’ll never go wrong by investing in elevating your brand and executive presence.

Here Are 7 PR and LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Get You Started

1. Remain True to Your Brand Values
Brand values are like an anchor, especially in rocky times. Companies whose LinkedIn marketing is closely aligned to its brand values communicate a type of confidence and reliability that is more attractive to key stakeholders.

2. Promote Thought Leadership with Original Content
One of the best and most cost-effective ways to keep your company or brand top of mind is by publishing (and promoting) thought leadership pieces on your owned media platforms – blog, website, LinkedIn, etc. Customers naturally build loyalty with companies and brands they know and trust, which is why publishing your own content is critical.

3. Humanize Your Brand on LinkedIn
Maintain a regular presence on the world’s most important business networking platform by devising a LinkedIn content marketing strategy and creating compelling content that key stakeholders can grasp onto. You’ll be building rapport and deepening engagement over time – valuable things in establishing brand presence.

4. Identify Executive Passion Points
Form connections between top executives and the things that matter most to them. This may include company culture, mental health, leadership, etc. Focusing in on these areas will establish them as subject matter experts and build customer loyalty.

5. Revisit the PR Basics
Now’s a good time to review your current press materials with a critical eye to make sure that all of the basic information is current and that all links work, including the boilerplate statement and executive bios, as well as fact sheets or annual reports. Make sure that your media contact information is also correct. Update your online newsroom so that it’s populated with recent media placements and blog content – this positions your company well to journalists who are always on the hunt for new information sources.

6. Serve as an Information Resource
Think of the kind of information and ideas your key stakeholders are looking for and then deliver it on your owned media platforms. Companies and leaders who position themselves as resources for ideas and information become a “go to” source for everything. Tip-oriented content can also be pitched to the media as a byline article which elevates your brand.

 7. Make Your Content Accessible to Stakeholders
While it’s great to create original content, make sure that stakeholders know about it and can easily access it. If you’ve posted a blog on your website, share the link on social media, particularly on LinkedIn – in your featured section, experience section, and under publications. Bring the content alive by talking about it on video, solo or with another colleague – it will have a whole new meaning in that format.

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and position your company and its executive team for success, let’s talk. Click here to schedule a free discovery call today. Looking for more PR Tips? Sign up to receive our free monthly PR Tips here.

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