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PR Tip Sheet – March 2022

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Is Your LinkedIn Content Generating The Right Kind of Buzz? 6 Questions to Ask

To increase the public presence of my clients – “under the radar” companies who want to build their industry authority and leverage their competitive advantage – I often begin by elevating their CEO’s presence on LinkedIn. The popular business networking platform now has almost 740 million users with over 55 million registered companies using it. (

Yet, it’s more than just the sheer volume of content that will get you noticed. To be successful on LinkedIn – so as to gain legions of followers and increase your network – you need to start by developing a content strategy which will help you achieve your marketing goals. Always craft your content with your target audience and mind and be consistent with your messaging.

But how will you know if your content is resonating?

My C-suite clients, who are often analytics-oriented, like to look at the metrics from week to week which we measure by using Shield App, an affordable LinkedIn analytics tool. We review total views, engagement, likes,comments as well as the most engaging posts from week to week. Over time, the metrics provide critical information that will help you to mold and shape your content.That said, the Shield App and metrics provide a window into how you’re content is tracking but shouldn’t be the only thing you consider.

Qualitative Results
That said, there are times when the analytics zigzag or even bomb. By that, I mean that one post can do excellently, and get thousands of views, likes and comments, and then the following day another post will only get a few hundred. Huh?

That’s because LinkedIn’s algorithm-what the platform gives priority ranking to-is constantly changing. So, it’s wise to compare both the quantitative analytics as well as the following qualitative data.

To make sure your LinkedIn content is generating the kind of buzz you want, ask yourself these 6 questions:

  1. Have I been posting consistently, at least 2-3x a week for a few months at least?
  2. Are my Views and Engagement scores showing incremental increases over time and do I know the type of content that resonates with my followers?
  3. Are people in and out of my connections circle telling me they’re seeing and getting value from my content?
  4. Has my number of new business connections increased over the time when I started posting regularly?
  5. Are people emailing me about new business opportunities because of my posts?
  6. Am I being contacted to be interviewed by journalists and interviewed on podcasts as a subject matter expert?

If the answers are predominantly YES, then your LinkedIn content is successful in doing what you want it to do.

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