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PR Tip Sheet – February 2022

By February 16, 2022April 19th, 2022No Comments

You’ve seen the statistics as a result of “The Great Resignation”. 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September 2021 alone. That’s on top of the millions that resigned in the months prior. This isn’t just a remote news headline – chances are you’re seeing key staff members leave to pursue other employment options.

As a public relations and marketing consultant working across a number of industries, I’m seeing this trend play out in real time. For any company or brand, the world is literally their competition for talent right now.

In light of these sweeping workplace shifts, raising your company’s public visibility and credibility, and promoting your company culture to attract talent is a prudent marketing and PR strategy.

Here are 7 PR and marketing tips to help your company come out ahead in light of The Great Resignation:

1. Reevaluate your company culture by asking people what they want – flexibility, benefits – then act on it. This is a pivotal step in updating your company story and spreading the word through your most important ambassadors – employees.

2. Change up your company narrative, weaving together the key strategic elements of your brand, culture and business strategy into a compelling story that enlightens, informs and inspires both internal (employees, board of directors) and external audiences.

3. Share your story in words, graphics and infographics across all platforms consistently – website, blog, email signature, social media, email blasts and e-newsletters.

4. Get Active on LinkedIn: Raise the CEO’s visibility and attract job candidates by sharing valuable content 2-3 X per week. Include video, graphics and up to 5 hashtags including #nowhiring, #joboffer, #jobsearch, #hiring, #jobs, #recruitment, and #remotework.

5. Be featured in the news. When your CEO and senior executives are quoted and featured in news stories as industry experts, it elevates your brand and builds credibility.

6. Share your thought leadership by placing bylined articles written by the CEO and other subject matter experts on trends, leadership and innovation in industry trade publications, then share that content with customers.

7. Consistently communicate company core values and make sure they are succinct and memorable. More than words on a wall poster, these are authentic tenets that are talked about and embodied. It’s the best way to get the buzz going internally

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