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Brands that use positive messaging are increasing engagement
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Positive Marketing: How Brands Can Leverage Positivity to Increase Engagement

Positive Marketing: How Brands Can Leverage Positivity to Increase Engagement

By Kristen Wall

People are getting tired of the negative headlines that circulate their newsfeeds- a place they intend to catch up with friends and connect with their favorite brands, among other things. The repeated exposure of negative news actually has an impact on internet users. Some brands are setting out to change that.

Facebook announced that it would begin to “de-prioritize publisher and brand content in favor of content posted by and deeply engaged with a user’s family and friends.” The results of this algorithm shift has hit many news outlets hard in terms of consumer reach, but lifestyle and entertainment publications haven’t experienced as severe of a disengagement. Why? Engagement with lifestyle and entertainment content tends to be more distributed and friendly due to the positive framework of the content.

“Narratives that cause us to pay attention and also involve us emotionally are the stories that move us to action. This is what a good documentary film does. More generally, stories with a dramatic arc fit the requirements for high-impact narratives. This structure sustains attention by building suspense while at the same time providing a vehicle for character development. The climax of the story keeps us on the edge of our neural seats until the tension is relieved at the finish.” says Paul J Zak, Ph.D., an American neuroeconomist.

For brands, initiating an emotional response is critical. Studies show that consumers primarily rely on their emotions, rather than information in and of itself, to evaluate brands. Positive emotions have more influence on consumer loyalty than brand attributes alone, according to Psychology Today. Using content marketing to share emotional stories is one way brands can achieve this emotional connection with consumers.

In today’s digital world, positivity is one of the best ways for marketers to engage audiences and increase brand loyalty. The warmest and most inspiring stories aren’t always the most viral, talked-about news of the day, but they are the ones that leave a lasting impression. It’s time for marketers to take advantage of their power as storytellers — and to guarantee the stories they’re telling are memorable ones.


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