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6 Tips for writing a great op-ed
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Write An Op-Ed, Gain Visibility: 6 Tips

Write An Op-Ed, Gain Visibility: 6 Tips

If your company is looking for a means of increasing visibility for its thought leadership in a particular area, submitting an opinion piece or op-ed can be effective in garnering prime media coverage. An op-ed is a written prose piece typically published by a news outlet which expresses the opinion of a named author unaffiliated with the publication’s editorial board.

How can you ensure that your piece gets chosen and published?

Following are 6 tips:

  1. Select The “Right” Media Outlet: Pick a media outlet based on the audience you want to reach as well as the content. If your message has a political bent, consider a publication such as The Hill. If it’s health and wellness, consider Everyday Health. Also be realistic about getting coverage. Your chances of publishing an op ed in a highly competitive outlet such as The New York Times will be slim versus an online media outlet – Crain’s or Biz Journals as well as regional/local publication – such as The NY Daily News that is both credible and well read.
  2. Draft A Catchy Headline That Sums Up Your Position. The headline should make your message clear but also provocative to hook the reader in.
  3. Come Up With A Unique Angle. Your audience doesn’t want to see something they’ve read before. Even if you’re writing about a topic that’s been widely covered, try a new angle so that your individual perspective makes it fresh and interesting. 
  4. Follow Editorial Guidelines. If you don’t follow op-ed submission guidelines, your piece will not get picked up. Check recently published op-ed pieces for writing style, tone and word count.
  5. Use An Active Voice. Generally, it’s better to write in the active voice. It’s clearer, more energetic and direct. Passive voice sentences tend to be more wordy and vague but can still be useful in some situations, such as formal or scientific writing.
  6. Show, Don’t Tell. Use facts and statistics to back your message up. Citing relevant research data will add credence to your piece. 
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