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Is Your News Really Newsworthy? 5 ways to tell.
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Is Your News Really Newsworthy? 5 Ways to Tell

Is Your News Really Newsworthy? 5 Ways to Tell

Marketing and public relations can be powerful tools for any organization, allowing business leaders to inform their target audiences about important news, product announcements, and services. Clients will often remark, “I can see this as a New York Times story,” but in fact, the situation or news they are describing is somewhat minimal, narrow in scope, or doesn’t pertain to things that The New York Times or other media outlet they are vying for has featured historically. Getting a company’s news featured in the media isn’t easy. It takes significant research to identify what information will have traction, as well as its relevance to a particular news outlet, not to mention a powerful pitch to get it noticed above other pitches a journalist may receive.

The following five news values are criteria that journalists heavily consider and rely on to determine whether or not to cover a story.

1) Timeliness.

Immediate, current information and events that are of great pertinence to a particular audience are newsworthy because they have just recently occurred. You have to make sure that your story is not only special but very recent.  Remember, it’s news because it’s “new.”

2) Proximity

Local information and events can be newsworthy because they affect the people in a specific business, community or region.


When people argue about actions, events, ideas or policies, many audiences will care.

4) Human Concern.

People are interested in other people. Based on the media outlet, a human subject should have a connection back to the outlet’s audience.

5) Applicability

People are attracted to information that helps them to make good decisions in their business and lives. Actionable tips can have high news value.


Is your news really worthy of a New York Times story”?


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