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4 Tips to Maximize Your CEO’s Presence on LinkedIn
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Maximize Your CEO’s Presence on LinkedIn: 4 Tips

Maximize Your CEO’s Presence on LinkedIn: 4 Tips

Is your CEO utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest potential? There are currently 400 million registered LinkedIn users, making it one of the most essential tools for your brand and your CEO and chief brand ambasador to use. Jeremy Goldman, Founder and CEO, Firebrand Group, and author of Getting to Like and Going Social, spoke at the 2017 Innovation Congress (#InnoCon) and gave some advice on the most effective ways your CEO can leverage LinkedIn. Here are 5 tips:

Leverage the Feed

Simply put, LinkedIn is a critical platform in increasing the visibility of your company’s CEO. Leverage his/her feed by scrolling through recent posts to identify the kind of content that would garner attention, something that the competition is not covering in the same way. Commenting on relevant articles with his/her opinions is a great start to engage.

Optimize the LinkedIn Tools

Aside from the feed, LinkedIn has numerous resources that are essential in amplifying  your CEO’s presence. In order to make his/her content relevant, use “Publishing,” which puts that person’s content/articles on his/her Linkedin profile and feed. Further, “Groups” are a great way to expand his/her LinkedIn connections. Carefully vet the groups that are are populated with like minded individuals. This could be a group that is relevant to his/her interests and has a certain level of engagement where the CEO can actively participate without being considered spam or lost in a feed of hundred of meaningless posts. The connections your CEO can make can be significant in increasing industry stature.

Don’t Underestimate the Power in Your CEO’s Profile

The most influential tool on Linkedin is the profile  – it’s not only a representation of the CEO but of the company as a whole. A headshot is the first impression people will see, so make sure it portrays them in the best way possible. Engaging a professional photographer can make all the difference. The profile headline should immediately tell the audience who he/she is while the summary should act as a 15 second introduction, outlining individual accomplishments as well as providing a company synopsis. The importance of the LinkedIn Skills list is often overlooked though it as important as keywords are in SEO. LinkedIn will prompt users to endorse skills and the more endorsements received, the more people will believe in his/her expertise, making your CEO stand out. In order to keep all of this information relevant, make sure to audit the profile every 30-60 days.

Avoid Arbitrary Connections

Advise your CEO against this common error. Although it might be tempting to click connect on people he/she may know, stop her. Adding connections just for the sake of it defeats the purpose of a valuable network, and it is much better to have a few hundred meaningful connections than thousands of random ones.

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