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Is Your Communications Team In “The Room Where ‘It’ Happens?”

By October 14, 2020October 28th, 2020No Comments

I’m a big fan of the Broadway musical, Hamilton, and one of my favorite songs is “The Room Where It Happens.” Not only is the music memorable and captivating, I simply love the message. Don’t we all want to be in the center of things when creative juices are flowing and big ideas are being formed?

This dynamic is symbolic of “what can be” when a company’s communications team is “in the room where it happens” because they can provide valuable input on new initiatives, including how best to get the most attention what’s being discussed, especially if it is a new venture. This includes: 

  • acting as a sounding board, offering feedback on potential risks and benefits
  • providing input on scheduling, particularly if media coverage is desired
  • providing counsel on positioning and messaging
  • offer input on budgeting, resources, partners or vendors

In your company, is your communications team “in the room where big decisions are being made? 

Julie Livingston

Author Julie Livingston

Julie Livingston is president/founder of WantLeverage Communications

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