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The Value of Industry Trade Coverage

By September 22, 2020October 14th, 2020No Comments

Being featured in an industry publication can be your PR launching pad. It’ll also make your mother “kvell” (proud).

I’ve been fortunate to have been featured in @PRWeek, a noted public relations industry publication several times, which was a personal thrill but also a great sales mechanism for my PR consultancy.

So, the next time you or your business is mentioned or featured in an industry trade publication, use it as a springboard toward getting more attention and visibility. Here’s my best advice:

  • Timing trade media editorial coverage to dovetail with a new service or product introduction can power up a launch. Distribute the article/news mention to client prospects as a means of validating your thought leadership.
  • Press coverage provides you with the opportunity to use high value organic backlinks; with proper SEO, these can drive new business/inquiries and web traffic.
  • Leverage industry news coverage – a public validation of your brand/business – by sharing with existing clients as a reminder of why they chose to do business with you.
  • Post a promotional badge – “As Seen in Widget Magazine” with the publication’s logo on all platforms.
  • Create a simple online newsroom on your website and post recent media coverage. This is a great refere3nce for reporters looking to get a feel for your company’s communications style.Which industry-specific publication would you like to be featured in?
Julie Livingston

Author Julie Livingston

Julie Livingston is president/founder of WantLeverage Communications

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