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Here’s My Advice For Securing A Podcast Booking

Here’s My Advice For Securing A Podcast Booking

I was told, “When I saw a video clip on your LinkedIn, I knew you’d be a great fit for my podcast.”

Here’s my best advice for securing a podcast booking:

📣Research: Make a list of podcasts that align with your topic. Ex.: A simple Google search for “marketing podcasts” brings up many options. Also, drill down by industry, such as: “manufacturing podcasts”

📣Listen to get a feel for topics that have been covered. Can you offer a fresh perspective? Trend updates? Case studies? Offer 2 different topics….tying it back to the pandemic is also helpful as that’s what people are thinking about

📣Best fit: Do you have an internal subject matter expert? Perhaps your CEO or another senior level executive who is conversational without being overpowering is best. The ability to form an instant connection with the host is paramount; it will also get you asked back!

📣Send links to existing podcast/video clips as examples of your speaking style

📣Explain how you can help to grow the podcast’s audience

📣Offer a discount promo code or tip sheet

Have you been a podcast guest?

Click here to listen to my recent interview with Amy Austin

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