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Have You Reviewed Your Company’s Key Messages Lately?

Have You Reviewed Your Company’s Key Messages Lately?

“What’s boring doesn’t get attention and what’s exciting doesn’t drive results.” Farnam Street

A client recently told me that she wanted to switch up the company’s messaging simply because it was “very same old, same old.”

Yet, the fact is that the more people see or hear something, the more they remember it.

Think of some of the world’s premier brands and their advertising slogans:
🔺Nike: Just Do It
🔺Got Milk (Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the California Milk Advisory Board)
🔺 Don’t Leave Home Without It – American Express:
🔺Help, I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up – LifeCall, LLC

Here are 4 reasons why repetition is critical in both #PR and #marketing:

🔺Studies show that people need to see a message at least 7 times before it sinks in
🔺Familiarity breeds trust in a consumer – even if it is just knowing the name of the product
🔺Message repetition in PR and marketing forms top of mind awareness
🔺Message familiarity with a brand develops a level of trust – the more familiar people are with a brand, the more likely they are to visit the brand’s web site and purchase from it

The next time you are reviewing your company’s key messages, try not to focus so much on optics. What may appear to look “boring” – the repetition of the basic key messages that distinguish your brand, and what audiences know you by – is actually smart #marketing that will make a real difference in recognition and sales.

Have you reviewed your company’s key messages lately?

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