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Instagram Stories as a brand marketing tool
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Four Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Stories as a Marketing Tool

Four Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Stories as a Marketing Tool

By Kristen Wall

Ever since Instagram released their story feature, businesses have been able to deepen the relationship between their brand and their followers. This impressive interactive feature, when used in the right way, is an effective means of increasing followers, building engagement, and driving consumer loyalty.

However, many brands still struggle to use it in the right way that will get them the benefits they need. With over 25 million active business profiles on Instagram, it is important that brands are comfortable with this particular tool so they stay relevant and stand out among their competitors.

How can brands then benefit from the rise of Instagram Stories? Here are four ways to become more creative with the platform. 

  1. Interactive Polls
    • This tactic benefits both the consumers and the brand, by setting up a line of direct contact between them. Since there is a clear call-to-action, Instagram users are more likely to engage with Instagram polls than regular posts, making polling is a great way to increase audience engagement and gather consumer feedback.
  2. Embedding a Link
    • Instagram Stories have become a great feature for conversion and the call-to-action of swiping up to open a link has been widely used. Though, the most successful cases of Stories manage to be clever and appealing. It’s not just about asking for users to click on the link, it’s about getting them to do it in the most natural way.
  3. User-Generated Content
    • Another way to increase a brand’s engagement on Instagram is by posting user-created content on the Stories feature. This way followers will feel a more personal relationship with the brand, almost as if the account is just another one of their friends they follow. As a result, followers will feel more inclined to engage with it.
  4. Stories Highlights
    • This relatively new feature, Stories Highlights, could help to convert more people into followers by teasing them with the types of Stories that a brand posts. According to Instagram, 200 million people view at least one brand’s profile page on any given day, but two-thirds of those people don’t follow the brand. Now the brand can use Stories Highlights to show them more of what they’re missing.
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