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Why You Should Pitch the Media in Q4

Why You Should Pitch the Media in Q4

While it’s true that the fourth quarter of the year can mean a slower news cycle, it doesn’t mean that companies and brands should hold back on releasing their news. In fact, just the opposite is true. Although it may seem counter intuitive to release news during the holiday season, the fact is that the press has to produce the same number of stories.  It’s also a prime time to show your company’s softer, altruistic side, especially if your organization is doing something creative that is making an impact. If you have such a story and want to get it published by year end, focus your efforts on shorter lead outlets including local and regional newspapers and broadcast and industry publications that regularly post news online.  

Here are two ways to leverage this time of the year to increase awareness of your company or brand.

Foster and Leverage Philanthropic Partnerships, Good Works 

If your company or brand has initiated or is already involved with a philanthropic initiative or has launched a social impact program, this is a good time to share that news with a bigger audience, especially if it is having a measurable impact on the community being served. Such measurables may include number of professional hours donated, charitable meals delivered or products/services donated. In addition to a bigger story, take professional photos which showcase company executives participating in a charitable initiative. 

Prepare for Q1 Coverage 
If your organization has news it will release in January or February 2019, don’t wait until after the holidays to launch your publicity outreach. Now is the time to start laying the groundwork. Even local media outlets have lead times of a few weeks and let’s face it; it takes time to break through and get your message noticed amidst the piles of pitches a reporter receives.  Develop your communications strategy, build your story and prepare related press materials. Start pitching now, noting that the news is under embargo until a specified date.

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