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You Have Followers, But Are You Keeping Them Engaged? 4 Tips

You Have Followers, But Are You Keeping Them Engaged? 4 Tips

By Kristen Wall

Trying to gain social media followers can be difficult enough, but getting them to stay and actually engage is where brands often struggle. Engagement includes ongoing feedback and commentary as well as the social amplification of your message such as retweets, “likes” and content sharing. Thus, the content brands push out is crucial to getting online tractionBrands such as Wendy’s, Netflix, Dove, and Apple, have all have created a unique social media strategy that created brand loyalty and fully understand who their individual social audiences are.

Here Are our 4 tips To deepen brand engagement on any social media platform:

  • Know The Social Platform
    • Become an expert on the features, software, and analytics of every popular social media site your brand plans on using. Without this knowledge, one would not be able to effectively use these platforms to their full advantage, which can affect the number of followers as well as engagement.
  • Speak To Your Audience
    • Users engage with their friends and celebrities on social media because they relate to them on a personal level. Scoping out the latest trends in popular culture, using popular catch phrases and compelling, appropriate graphics (original graphics are best) is a great way to grab attention and increase followers and engagement. Brands must know how to craft the right message, and can do so by using emojis, gifs, and pop-culture references.
  • Distinctive Brand Personality
    • Consumers want to feel a personal relationship with the account in order to really engage with it. Your business’s “brand voice” can help set it apart from the competition, making it unique while building more concrete relationships with your customers.
  • Be Eagerly Responsive
    • Thanks to the immediacy and constant accessibility of the internet, people want responses to any and all interactions, and they want them at the click of a button. Customer service is an extremely pressing aspect that requires someone who is comfortable representing the brand and directly communicating with its consumers.
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