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First Person Storytelling Accentuates Nonprofit Mission
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First Person Storytelling Accentuates Nonprofit Mission

First Person Storytelling Accentuates Nonprofit Mission

Personal storytelling can accentuate a nonprofits’ mission and message

There’s a ton of competition for media coverage among nonprofits. Our recent work with an education-focused nonprofit reveals the impact of first person storytelling to accentuate the nonprofits mission and key messages. We’ve been digging deep to mine personal stories from the people who have experienced the benefits of the nonprofits work – women, children, underserved students, the poor or disabled, for example. Such storytelling sparks an emotional connection and serves as proof points of the nonprofit’s impact. Following are three tips:

The Real Deal. Storytelling that shares meaningful, personal stories about the organization’s impact on its constituents, from the perspective of someone who has benefitted from it, showcases your nonprofit’s credibility. and highlights its cause For example, the stories of real teachers or students and their responses to how specific educational experiences have impacted them brings a nonprofits mission alive.

Create Visual Impact, Especially on Mobile. Visual storytelling works because it helps readers understand the essence of an idea much faster than they would with words alone. A recent NY Times article notes that “the defining narrative of our online moment concerns the decline of text, and the exploding reach and power of audio and video.” Capture the essence of your nonprofit’s work via micro content – short form video content about the people and impact of the work. Visual snippets of about 15 seconds instantly capture attention, engage audiences (especially on mobile devices) and are ultra-shareable.

Your Founding Story. Storytelling that focuses on the genesis of your organization, including the how, why, when and by whom your nonprofit was started, can be pitched to the media as a profile. Tell the founder’s story as if you were telling it to someone during a car ride. Drill down into personal details – was it inspired by a family member’s illness or medical condition? Act of God or environmental issue, and how has it changed lives?

How has first person storytelling accentuated the mission of your nonprofit?

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