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Successful salespeople have a unique set of 5 personality traits that enable them to be successful.
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Expert Advice: 5 Traits That Make a Great Salesperson

Expert Advice: 5 Traits That Make a Great Salesperson




You hear it again and again, “it’s so tough to find and retain highly productive, professional salespeople.” So, we asked Bob Heiss, owner of Sandler Training, an expert with more than 25 years of experience in sales training and teaching selling techniques. He provided us with 5 key qualities that make a great salesperson.

According to Heiss, successful salespeople have a unique set of personality traits that enable them to be successful. It takes a special energy, stick-to-itiveness, resourcefulness and tenacity to succeed in sales.

  1. Empathy: This is the ability to identify with customers, to be able to synchronize with what they are feeling and make them feel respected.  It is more than understanding their concerns from an objective standpoint.  A salesperson showing empathy can gain trust and establish rapport with customers by being on their side and not appearing judgmental.  Empathy allows the salesperson to read the customers, show concern, and clearly demonstrate his/her interest in providing a proper solution without overtly selling.

  2. Focus: A person who can focus can zoom in on customer needs, more effectively accomplish goals and stay on task.  People who are focused are extremely self-motivated and possess good organization skills because they recognize what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish their goals within a certain timeframe. Someone who stays focused and has “stick-to-it-iveness” has the self-discipline and conscientiousness to service customers and develop business from that customer on successive sales calls.

  3. Responsibility: This type of person gets things done, has an appropriate sense of urgency (and shows the need to see the sale progress), can anticipate obstacles and provide alternatives or solutions. People who carry responsibility generally maintain a positive outlook which makes them a valuable team member.

  4. Optimism:  A salesperson who is reasonably optimistic takes initiative, is persistent and resilient –  important trait because of the number of rejections most salespeople experience.   They do not take rejection personally, and stay centered even after a loss. Many times, they still consider themselves in the running and able to turn the situation around by using a different approach, or by trying again.

  5. Enjoys Competition: In sales, it’s all about winning, so someone who enjoys a healthy dose of competition, they are highly motivated to succeed. This person is a self-starter . with clear ideas of what he or she wants to achieve. They possess strong leadership skills and aren’t afraid to exert pressure to influence others.

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