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Do You Know The “Rule Of 7”?

Do You Know The “Rule Of 7”?

Do you know the “Rule of 7”?

It suggests that customers need to hear a message seven times before they will consider taking action. In other words, repeat, repeat and…repeat your key messages and elements of your brand story.

Here are my best tips:

✏️Develop a #communicationsstrategy plan based on #business objectives.
✏️Make LinkedIn a key channel. Post valuable content at least 3X a week to build awareness and momentum, using the right hashtags and keywords
✏️Consider a tool like SHIELD to monitor LinkedIn performance; this will help you to identify the most resonant content
✏️Reshape the best posts into blogs
✏️Publish the blogs on your RSS feed or customer e-newsletter + LinkedIn profile under Publications
✏️Create compact versions of the same messages for #socialmedia sharing; add original graphics whenever possible
✏️Record the content on #video

Are you applying the Rule of 7?

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