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Your Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Tips
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Your Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Tips

Your Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Tips

By Isabeau Touchard

Why are you creating content? Who are you creating it for, and what makes your content stand out amongst other companies in your industry These are all important questions to ask yourself when creating your content marketing strategy (CMS). There are so many components to this strategy, but one thing you must be sure of is your end goal.  

When developing your content marketing strategy, research is critical to really understand who your audience is and the kind of content they’re looking for.

While collecting ideas and data, it may feel like you have a never-ending list of pieces to the puzzle, but as long as you have these four components in your CMS, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goal.


  1. Actionable Content: First, ask yourself “Is this content useful and will it engage with my target audience, either B2B or consumer?” Remember that people want real information they can actualize right away. Avoid “fluff” that falls flat and detracts from your company/brand credibility and value. As long as your brand voice continues to be reliable and consistent, your target audience will continue to trust you.


  1. Relevant Info and Trends: Second, create a roadmap or table of subject matter tapping into trends identified through simple Google searches for your industry. You may also have a file of customer feedback that provides input, too. The more you tailor your content to audience needs, the better chance you will have at and driving return traffic to your site. Resonant content can have a direct effect on the bottom line, according to the Content Marketing Institute, including an uptick in revenue and increased customer affinity. In order to achieve this, you have to do your homework!


  1. Editorial Planning: This leads us to our third point: solid planning. Hard work and research always pays off. Your content marketing strategy should be a detailed outline of key customer and business needs. This plan should also include how you will meet these needs and the platforms you will use including podcasts, video, e-newsletters, and blog posts


  1. Ongoing Social Listening: The content marketing strategy cannot be stagnant. The more you/your company/brand listens to your customers the more insight you’ll have on the kind of content they want to see. fi It’s all about showing your focus on their needs and delivering it on a routine, reliable and concise basis.


If you follow these tips while developing your own content marketing strategy, you will not only attract customers, but you will also interact with and retain these ideal customers.


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