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Consumers Responding to Al
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Are Consumers Responding to AI?

Are Consumers Responding to AI?

By Isabeau Touchard

Smart devices are capable of cutting-edge abilities such as shopping, talking to chatbots and controlling other smart devices both at home and at work. These artificial Intelligence (AI) systems come with even more advanced features associated with human intelligence such as learning, perception, problem-solving, reasoning and more. Yet, a recent PwC  survey finds that most voice assistant owners prefer to only tap into AI’s most basic features. So, if your company is utilizing AI, it’s time to consider its effectiveness.

At least once a month, 82 percent of users ask their voice assistants to play music. But during that same time frame, only 50 percent of respondents use their assistants to buy or order something online. How does this play out for your company or brand? Looking at your analytics can be extremely insightful.

Similarly, when asked if they’d rather text a friend via a voice assistant or do it manually, 58 percent chose the former. However, 76 percent of respondents would rather shop online themselves than have their assistant do it for them.

Despite these statistics, PwC attributes this lack of AI experimentation to limited consumer knowledge, which will probably evolve and change as smart devices become more integrated into daily life. As an anonymous respondent surveyed by PwC says, “the biggest hurdle for me has been awareness, like understanding what I’m able to do with these devices.”

Just like the introduction of social media, familiarization occurs when consumers utilize a product often, and when they know that their friends and peers are also using it. That said, a visual demonstration of how AI is a big convenience and easy to use may be warranted.

AI systems have a lot to offer to companies and brands; with time, consumers will make more use of it beyond just its basic features. Prime examples of the wide adaptation of AI includes Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri; both services have permeated the mainstream, helping to make it easier for consumers to make online purchases or detect spam. How is your company or brand approaching AI?

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