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Companies like Google stand for innovation because they put resources behind brainstorming. What can smaller companies do to get their teams to brainstorm and stay innovative?
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Brainstorm Ideas Like Google

Brainstorm Ideas Like Google


Innovation is a buzzword thrown around by big companies and startups alike. Everyone wants it, but attaining it is a different story altogether. Companies like Google stand for innovation, and they stay ahead of the competition by putting enormous resources and people power behind brainstorming. What can smaller companies do to get their teams to brainstorm and stay innovative?

One of the answers is to become more effective at brainstorming and structuring group brainstorming sessions in such a way as to deliver better outcomes. The process actually employed by Google is a great starting point. See below.

  1. Know The User, Know The Problem

Before you start generating ideas, you need to have a thorough understanding of the specific problem you are trying to solve. This means getting to know the wants, needs, and problems of your target audience or customer. If you can, try to engage customers on a personal level, by phone or even in person, and have a conversation. Social listening is also an effective method of understanding what your customers are saying and thinking about you and your brand. You can also request feedback on your website or via social media platforms through comments and simple polls.

  1. Think Big

Setting aspirational goals is a good thing, but be sure to break them down into chunks – incremental steps and milestones to avoid “overwhelm.” Have everyone in your team come prepared with ideas around a particular problem. Ask team members to present their ideas by illustrating them using vision boards or writing them out as headlines. In lieu of rejecting ideas, try to build upon them.The goal here is to have as many ideas as possible.

  1. Take It To The Next Step

After the team is done brainstorming ideas, have everyone vote for their favorite ones. Then try to bring the most voted-on ideas to life by creating a very rough draft, outline, or model. The key is to make this happen immediately following brainstorming while the ideas are still fresh and everyone is still in creative “flow.”

How does your company address brainstorming?

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