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Advice for securing a podcast booking

Advice for securing a podcast booking


I was told, “When I saw a video clip on your LinkedIn, I knew you’d be a great fit for my podcast.”

Advice for securing a podcast booking

podcast booking

Here’s my best advice for securing a podcast booking:

📣Research: Make a list of podcasts that align with your topic. Ex.: A simple Google search for “marketing podcasts” brings up many options. Also, drill down by industry, such as: “manufacturing podcasts”

đź“ŁListen to get a feel for topics that have been covered. Do you have a fresh perspective? A different angle? New research or case studies? Offer at least 5 topics; speaking on something pandemic related – how your company has responded – is particularly timely

đź“ŁBest fit: Is the spokesperson your CEO or subject matter expert? Someone with an affable personality, who is chatty without being overpowering is best. The ability to easily converse with the host is critical

đź“ŁSend links to existing podcast/video clips – these should be posted on the speakers’ LinkedIn profile in the “Featured” area

📣Explain how you can help to grow the podcast’s audience

đź“ŁOffer a promo code or downloadable tip sheet to add value

Have you been a podcast guest?

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