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Brand trust, developed over time, occurs when organizations are vigilant about communicating a consistent brand image and getting others, including the media, to talk about it as "the one to watch."
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3 Ways Public Relations Builds Brand Trust

3 Ways Public Relations Builds Brand Trust


Why do customers gravitate to your brand? It’s probably because  your brand, above other competitors, stands for something they connect to on an emotional level. Called “brand trust,” this is something that is built and maintained over time, through thoughtful execution that bring to life the mission and values of a brand. According to consumer research, seven in 10 Americans surveyed placed “very high importance” on established trust in a brand when purchasing a new product. So, when Wells Fargo revealed its recent fraud scandal which led to customers receiving overdraft and insufficient funds fees, they breached their customers’s sense of brand trust. The Wells Fargo case was even more profound because the crimes were executed by everyday branch-level workers, not sophisticated cybercriminals. Such violations could, in the long term be irreparable.

How can your organization build brand trust? Public relations – a long-term reputation and image-building process – can help. This will include being vigilant about communicating a consistent brand image and getting others, including the media, to talk about your organization as “the one to watch.” In fact,securing media coverage helps to consolidate a company’s image as “best in class” due to the third-party validation-effect lent by the editorial media’s stamp–a key reason why publicity is of often, immeasurable value.

Following are 3 ways to build brand trust:

  1. Thought Leadership sets your brand apart from others in the space. By positioning your brand as a resource for valuable information, you’ll earn the trust of your target audience. Thought leadership includes bylined articles by key executives in relevant media outlets,  speaking opportunities, social media participation and more.
  2. Being a Resource for the media can raise your credibility and increase the amount of media coverage you receive. Let reporters who cover your industry know you/your executive team is available to speak and provide insight on specific topics. For a professional association of landscape architects that wants to reach consumers, offer expertise such as gardening on a budget or snow removal, for example.
  3. Raise Your Social Media Profile by participating in group discussions so that others  will see you as an expert and someone who adds value to the conversation about industry/business-specific issue while answering questions and sharing best practices. For B2B businesses, search for relevant groups on LinkedIn and Google+; note that some may require an application first.

    How has your organization increased brand trust?

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