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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand in a “Fake News” Era
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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand in a “Fake News” Era

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand in a “Fake News” Era

According to Ogilvy Media Influence’s annual global survey of 250+ news reporters and producers in North America, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific, “fake news” is increasing consumers’ faith in traditional news markets. 52% of those surveyed find traditional media to be the most trusted news source, while 22% trust company websites and press releases.

What is “fake news?” “Fake news” is a type of journalism/propaganda that some news sources use to sensationalize, exaggerate, or make up stories about politics, global events, etc. It’s no wonder consumers are going to traditional media outlets for their news– there is a proven history of trust . And as a result, traditional news outlets are upping their game by way of even more in-depth reporting, extensive fact-checking and better source citing.

How can you, as a promoter and builder of brands, fight “fake news”? How can you make sure the consumers you’re trying to reach are getting the right information about your company’s services and products?

Here are 3 ways to solidify and help your brand maintain its status in the “fake news” era.


  • Better reporting. Better reporting means that you need to make sure the journalists that are putting content about your product out there are vetting sources, fact-checking, and citing the right people in their articles/features.
  • Updating social media platforms frequently. The more up-to-date your social media platforms are, the more trustworthy your content will be.
  • Leverage traditional, digital, and social media platforms together. Having all three platforms work together will help build trust with consumers, and will make your brand seem more authentic and legitimate.


“Fake news” isn’t ruining journalism and public relations per se, but encouraging journalists and public relations specialists to collaborate and work together to help build brands and create content that is genuine and up to date.

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