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three factors that indicate trust with a public relations agency
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Can You Trust Your PR Agency? 3 Factors

Can You Trust Your PR Agency? 3 Factors

Earning client trust is something that’s built and developed over time. Barbara Kimmel, CEO of Trust Across America-Trust Around the World gave us some insight into why trust is fundamental to the relationship between a public relations agency and its clients. Kimmel explains that “trust matters in all relationships both personal and professional.” Having a trusting relationship with one’s public relations agency can lead to long term benefits such as faster and better decision making, speed of innovation, and easier, more fruitful collaboration.” Following are key factors in determining your PR agency’s trustworthiness.

Does the agency display high character with all of their stakeholders?

Kimmel suggests doing a Google search for the agency and see what pops up in the news about their past performance and relationships with other clients. Maintaining long term client relationships and delivering successful results signals both professional competency and mutual trust.

How competent are they?

  • Ask yourself the following questions to help determine agency competency:
  • Does the PR firm seem eager to serve your company?
  • Do they display authentic enthusiasm and real interest in your company’s products and services?  
  • Have they responded to your emails in a professional and timely manner?
  • Have they proposed preliminary plans on how they can generate press coverage or new customers?
  • Do they present relevant “out of the box” solutions?
  • Have they been transparent about how much it will cost to work with them?

All of these questions explain a firm’s integrity and level of professionalism – all vital aspects when building and maintaining trust.

Do they keep their word?

The most important aspect in developing trust is whether or not someone can keep their word. Is the PR agency consistent in both their words and actions? Look for a PR agency that has maintained long term client relationships vs. short term. PR firms that promise the sun and only offer the moon are the kinds to avoid. This is why open communication and asking the right questions when PR firms promise things is essential. If they say they will get you featured in major news media outlets ask how? Who do they know there? When can I expect this promise to be delivered? If the firm is reluctant or vague in answers, you should reconsider.

A trusted public relations agency can be a valuable resource in maintaining brand awareness and exposure. How have you developed trust with your PR agency?

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